If you cannot find your exact color combination, we might be able to customize your bridal flowers.

We need this information BEFORE you place your order:

1- The model number of one of our actual models that you like the most.

2- The color/flower that needs to change.

3- The model number of the set that contains the color/flower you wish to have in your set.

4- We need this info for every single change.

* If these changes apply to all pieces, that would be all we need to know.

** If each piece needs to be personally customized, we will need this information for every single piece.

*** Minimum order requirement for customized orders is $100.

Please try to be as specific as possible.


Here is an illustrated example, you do not need to include pictures, we just show them to make it easier to understand:

Let's say you like model BLCR02 but you want to change some colors, here is how you can let us know:


1- I want to start with model BLCR02 (model number is a must but photo is not necessary):


2- Replace light brown Roses in the starting model with pink Roses used in model PIBR01 (model number is a must but photo is not necessary):


3- Replace light brown mini Cosmos in the starting model with fuchsia mini Cosmos used in model FUWT02 (model number is a must but photo is not necessary):


4- Replace Burlap and Lace on bride's bouquet handle in the starting model with Tiffany blue ribbon and rhinestone like in model BLPI04 (model number is a must but photo is not necessary):


After you have gathered this info, please click on CONTACT US link (left column) and send this info to us. After we know about your quantities and customizations, we will reply to you with a quotation.

PLEASE NOTE: Simple color customizations (like changing ribbon color) will be done at no extra charge but depending on how complicated your customizations are, there will be 10% to 100% customization fees added to your total.