Why Silk Flowers:

  1. Won’t wilt or show signs of age, won't dry out or die
  2. Doesn’t need any special care
  3. Doesn't change color over time if not exposed to direct sunlight or extreme humidity
  4. Doesn’t need refrigeration, just regular room temperature
  5. Considerably less expensive than real flowers, same budget can buy a lot more
  6. Available at all times, have Fall flowers in Spring or vice-versa
  7. Always in season
  8. Order them weeks ahead of your event, saves you from unpleasant surprises
  9. Silk flowers are Non-allergenic
  10. They are non-fragrant, no odor
  11. Doesn’t attract insects
  12. Very light and easy to transport, especially the bride bouquet
  13. Ordering them early will help you find matching dress colors
  14. Take your bridal photos weeks before the wedding, no need to re-order flowers for the wedding
  15. For destination weddings, they can easily be packed in luggage, no problem at customs
  16. Fresh flowers are not allowed on Cruises, silk flowers are the way to go
  17. No water drops to soil your dress
  18. Everlasting beauty
  19. NOTE: Original silk flowers were created more than a hundred years ago using real silk, and that is why they were called "silk" flowers. But since real silk does not hold a shape easily, to make more natural looking flowers now they are made with synthetic fibers and fabrics, however, we still call them “silk” flowers.